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Lighting Design Story:

Imagine yourself living and working in environments that are positive, healthy and adaptive to your changing needs. You find yourself in a space where the lighting illuminates your tasks, complements your architectural surroundings, and responds to your biological needs giving you a sense of well-being. You believe that illumination should not be static and that the standard is just not good enough. You want lighted spaces that can create scenes and change with every task and every type of mood. As the interior lighting simulates the natural process of daylight throughout the course of your day, you find yourself energized in the morning, alert and productive in the afternoon then calm and peaceful in the evening. The changing seasons don’t seem to affect you as much and sleepless nights are a thing of the past. You now feel connected to nature, even when you can’t be in it.

Your lighting tells a story and is tailored for your experience. Your lighting is just that: yours!

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