Who we did it for:

S3 Build (and anyone who wants a really cool, sustainable structure)

Why we did it:

Why build something conventional, when you can be unconventional? At the heart of true sustainability comes innovation and that’s what S3 Build is all about. S3 Build is a developing division of S3 Interior Design Inc. that focuses on taking Smart, Sustainability to a whole new level. The brain child of S3’s owner, Tracy Dyck, construction manager, Sean Rauch, and the S3 team, we are testing ways to make sustainability even smarter and really cool. Our first research and development projects involve shipping containers as housing, summer retreats and commercial venues. We’re excited about exploring this new opportunity!

Instead of thinking ‘outside the box’, just get yourself a whole new box.

What we did:

  • Explored opportunities for shipping containers as living and working space
  • Designed various structure types
  • Researched best insulation practices to maximize R-values and keep costs reasonable
  • Bought and constructed a prototype (in process as we speak!)

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