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Design Trends of 2022: Love Them or Hate Them?

In the world of interior design, trends are a big deal. They are fast-moving and it’s difficult to stay ahead of them. One day you’re painting everything beige and the next day it’s all about white. Who can keep up?

The definition of a trend is “a prevailing tendency or inclination.”

Where do trends come from and who makes the rules? 

Often trends originate from movements in society, economics, politics, and technology. Many of the Interior Design trends of 2021 and 2022 came out of the global pandemic. Human beings have a constant need for change and adaptation, we want or need something different than what we have now. It used to be fashion magazines (remember “The Devil Wears Prada’?) and famous designers who created trends, but now with the domination of social media, anyone with a phone camera and internet connection can make a look go viral.

Are design trends good or bad? 

I’m going to sit on the fence with this one and say… both. As an Interior Designer, trends keep me in business. If colours, materials, furniture, and fabrics didn’t change, I’d eventually find myself out of a job. As professional Interior Designers, we do FAR more than just pick colours and fabrics… and don’t get me started on my soap box… but that’s for another post.

Trends in design keep life interesting. They also challenge us to learn new things. 

So, what are the negatives about design trends? 

  • They can lead to waste and unsustainability. Our need to ‘keep up’ with the latest trend has led to a throw-away mentality and culture. Instead of buying higher quality and longer-lasting pieces, we buy cheap and disposable ones. 
  • As designers, if we rely too heavily on trends, we can become complacent with our designs and stay within a predefined box. This doesn’t offer the best creative outcomes for our clients. 

Whether you love them or hate them, design trends are here, and the beginning of a new year always generates numerous Top 10 lists. We thought it would be fun to share a few 2022 Interior Design trends with you and also rate how likely it would be for each S3 team member to incorporate each into their own spaces. 

Here are eight interior design trends along with our opinions for each (following the rating guide below), to make it that much more fun:

1. Brown is the New Grey!

Designer: Mark D. Sikes, Photo by: Amy Neunsinger, Featured in Vogue

Chocolate Brown, camels, and caramels are the up-and-coming neutrals. Cold is out, warmth is in. You can layer these neutrals with the rosy hues of terracotta, cognac, and burned umber and you’ll have a room that feels like a warm hug.

2. Nature Inspired

Designer: Alessandro Sartore, Photo by: MCA studio, Featured in The Spaces

A connection to the outdoors is major. Not surprising since COVID has kept us cooped up, we crave a connection to Mother Nature, it’s healing. Biophilic Design which brings outdoor elements such as plants, trees, natural light, and fresh air to the indoors, is in high demand. As are natural materials such as terracotta, marble, and travertine. 

Mushroom silhouettes along with fauna & flora motifs are going to be popular in textiles and in addition to the brown tones listed above, green is the colour of the year for the most popular paint brands.

3. Tactile Textiles & Textures

Featured in Decorilla

We don’t just want to see our spaces; we want to feel them too. Maybe it’s because the pandemic has kept us from physical contact with many of the people we love and our sense of touch is crying out. Textiles in jute, rush, and abaca are popular along with mohairs & velvets. 

Yet another way a room can offer a hug.

4. Curves 

Source: The Décor Trends

Curves are friendly and welcoming, so say goodbye to straight lines and hard angles. Arches, natural forms, and rounded furniture are here. Sink into a deep, luxurious sofa instead of the stiff, boxy alternative. Are you getting the sense that it’s all about the hug?

5. Vintage & Sustainable

Source: Bitangra Daily

Rooms that tell a story by incorporating period pieces or family heirlooms create a sense of interest and sentimentality. They are also more sustainable because items are being reused. Maybe it’s due to the lag in our supply chains, but there is an increased desire for engaging local makers to create sustainable pieces. A bright side to this pandemic, I suppose.

6. Maximalism

More is more, don’t hold back. 

Designer: Lori Morris Design

Bring on the bold patterns, colour, fringe, and florals. Though, this is not your typical grandma’s house décor… these are carefully curated and glamorous… a feast for the eyes. (Grandma, if your space is curated and glamorous, then you’re right on point!)

7. Dual Purpose & Private Spaces

Designer: Arlyn Hernadez, Featured in Style by Emily Henderson ; Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Covid has forced your kitchen table to become your boardroom table, your guest room into an office, and your living room into a classroom. It’s difficult for everyone to concentrate in an open floor plan, so segmented, traditional floor plans are coming back! We love our families, but sometimes we just need a quiet, private space of our own. 

8. Elevated Outdoor Spaces. 

Designer: Imprints Landscape Architecture, Printed in OneKindesign

As we spend more time entertaining in the backyard, our outdoor spaces are becoming sophisticated and refined. We aren’t just bringing the outdoors in, but we’re bringing the indoors out.

Which one of these 2022 interior design trends would you incorporate into your own space? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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