Here’s a ‘P’interesting idea

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s become a staple favourite website here in the office.

What is ‘Pinterest‘ you ask? Well, it’s like a virtual corkboard (or pinboard if you will), where you can ‘pin’ inspiration found all over the internet. See an image of a couch that you simply must have? Or of a media room that beckons to be planned in your own home?

Pin it!

People often use Pinterest as a place to organize all of their inspirational images in one place, broken down into categories. The Type As in us are bursting with elation!!

As a company, we’ve deemed this quite useful in finding inspirational concept images to help our clients understand our vision for their space. Best of all, we get them signed up and have them pin images to a board we’ve categorized just for their project. Instantly we get to see what our clients are looking for and what truly inspires them. And in turn, they get to see what we’ve been pinning for them as the project develops.

I think what might be the best thing about Pinterest is that when you click on any image on the site, it will automatically redirect you to its original source. Forget about those old, dusty ‘bookmarks‘ in your browser that rarely get revisited…this is the new way to organize your thoughts in an otherwise chaotic world!

What else is great about Pinterest? You can follow others to see what inspires them? Are you on Pinterest? Are you following S3 Interior Design? Come see what gives us ‘design goosebumps’ here in the office and follow our boards which are categorized from accessories to staircases to lighting!

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