inclusivity in Office Design

Inclusivity in Office Design

On Earth Day, I attended a virtual sustainability conference, hosted by Material Bank and instructed by Mary Kate Cassidy from HOK.   During this educational seminar, Mary Kate discussed designing spaces for Inclusivity and supporting Neurodiversity in the workplace. “Neurodiversity” refers to people that are not neurotypical and includes people with diagnosed disorders such as ADHD, […]

Supply Chain Issues in Design & Construction: The Frustrations and The Beauty

The ‘S’ word of the pandemic isn’t Snow (though we in Manitoba may think so) – rather, it stands for Supply as in the Supply Chain. The supply chain is the sequence of processes involved from the production of a product or commodity to its distribution to the end-user. Since mid-2020, we’ve experienced the effects of […]

Design Trends of 2022: Love Them or Hate Them?

In the world of interior design, trends are a big deal. They are fast-moving and it’s difficult to stay ahead of them. One day you’re painting everything beige and the next day it’s all about white. Who can keep up?