Let’s start from the beginning

It’s a New Year. This year, the first day of the New Year also happened to be the first day of a brand-new week (Sunday). For those who appreciate this type of alignment, something about it feels so right!  2023 is an exciting year for S3! It’s our 20th year in business, which is amazing […]

You Don’t Live on your Walls

Of course, you don’t live on your walls. You also don’t live on your ceiling and most of the time you don’t live on the floor either (even though the floor would be easier to pull off than the other two). So where do you live? Think about it for a moment…where does your physical body spend […]

Trendy Words: Curated, Bespoke & Procure… What do they actually mean?

If you’ve spent some time reading interior design blogs, websites, and magazine articles, there are three words that are very trendy… Curated, Bespoke, and Procure. They sound like fancy designer terms, but what do they actually mean and, should you add them to your vocabulary?  Let’s start with some definitions:  Even though these three words all […]

inclusivity in Office Design

Inclusivity in Office Design

On Earth Day, I attended a virtual sustainability conference, hosted by Material Bank and instructed by Mary Kate Cassidy from HOK.   During this educational seminar, Mary Kate discussed designing spaces for Inclusivity and supporting Neurodiversity in the workplace. “Neurodiversity” refers to people that are not neurotypical and includes people with diagnosed disorders such as ADHD, […]