You Don’t Live on your Walls

Of course, you don’t live on your walls. You also don’t live on your ceiling and most of the time you don’t live on the floor either (even though the floor would be easier to pull off than the other two). So where do you live? Think about it for a moment…where does your physical body spend […]

Trendy Words: Curated, Bespoke & Procure… What do they actually mean?

If you’ve spent some time reading interior design blogs, websites, and magazine articles, there are three words that are very trendy… Curated, Bespoke, and Procure. They sound like fancy designer terms, but what do they actually mean and, should you add them to your vocabulary?  Let’s start with some definitions:  Even though these three words all […]

These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Things

S3’s Style Through Furniture & Décor If you read last month’s blog, Top 10 Things You Want to Know About Interior Design & S3 Interior Design, question #9 asked:  “Does S3 have a specific design style & do you only design according to that style?”  To which I responded,  “As Designers, our job is to create […]

Summer Living: The Stages and Spaces

When you live in a place where winter consumes half of the year, Summer is a sacred time! Those longer days and nights of June, July & August should be spent with family and friends enjoying the outdoors (or at least enjoying indoor spaces that connect to the outdoors). Depending on your stage of life […]