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Residential Design Story:

Imagine renovating or building a home that is distinctly yours. A collective creation of your personality and way of life, formed by how you function. The spaces of the house are tailored to how you live and customized with aesthetics and innovation to compliment your lifestyle. The flow is seamless. Your home is healthy, durable & saves you money because it was crafted with a focus on sustainability.  Filled with architectural views & focal points your home has an inherent beauty that feels connected to the environment.

A home is beautiful, comfortable, and energizing when the style, aesthetics, and characteristics are an extension of you!

Photography credit: Michael Roberts, Duality Photographic

“Your team took our “client language” and translated it into a design that captured exactly what we were trying to describe. The 3D walk-through blew us away, we could clearly understand what our space was going to become. What we received was beyond design, it was interior architecture. We were incredibly impressed by how detailed and in depth S3’s work was.”

Pat & Jordan

“Our renovated space has totally changed how our family interacts and stays connected while doing different activities in the kitchen, dining room and living room. Our expectations were exceeded! S3 made us feel comfortable and walked us through the process, giving us the time and information we needed to feel confident in our decisions.”

Ang & Perry

“We are proud to show off our new space and get many compliments on the look and feel of it. We were surprised with how much detail and work is involved in a large-scale renovation. We were happy to have design input and decision-making from experts who were willing to take the lead on most of the project. We appreciated all the help and the step-by-step process.”

Carly & Clint