modern exterior entrance

Who we did it for:

The Wiebe Family

Why we did it:

This Westwood home was in need of an exterior facelift! Its curb appeal lacked character and warmth. The homeowners felt like they should apologize to their neighbours for having to look at the dated façade, lol. They asked us if we could do something to give it a new look. We were excited to take on the challenge. As Interior Designers, much of our work is focused on the inside spaces, but we love working on exteriors as well. The clients wanted to accentuate the existing rooflines and were very keen to mix materials. We agreed that material changes were a good start, but altering the architecture by adding windows and a porch, would take it to the next level. Together we wanted to create a home that was dramatic and inviting. By using materials such as acrylic stucco, PVC paneling, and metal plus adding architectural elements, we were able to design an exterior that makes everyone turn their head!

What we did:

  • Established the clients wish list
  • 3D concept of the exterior design
  • Exterior drawings

This renovation will allow the Klassen’s to enjoy the day-to-day activities of a busy family for years to come.