Are you thinking about renovating but don’t know where to start?

Watch our first, two-part Lunch & Learn webinar series where we share key information about the ins-and-outs of tackling a new residential design-build project.

Webinar 1:  Who do I call first? Overview of a typical project team and their roles. 

Overview: A successful renovation or new-build project always begins with a great team. Building this team before the initial plans are committed to paper is critical. Which professionals do you need on your team? What is the role of each team member? Who should you call first? 

In our first session, you will learn: 

  • Three methods of running a renovation or new-build project and the benefits & disadvantages of each method,
  • The typical team members (General Contractor, Architect, Interior Designer, Engineers and Trades) and each of their role, and 
  • When each team member get involved.

Webinar 2: What should I expect? Overview of the design process, timelines, and budgets.

Overview: You’ve now decided to move forward with your renovation or new-build project.  There is still a lot of planning that must be done before your dream home becomes a reality. What should you expect during the design phase? 

In this session, you will learn: 

  • Types of designers and how to select the right design team for you. 
  • Following a process, is it important and what might it look like? 
  • Realistic timelines and how to establish a budget.