Who we did it for:


Why we did it:

Durango Construction approached us with their client, PrintPro, to collaborate on creating an office space for their printing facilities. Along with the client, we developed a list of their wants & needs as they shifted their focus to prioritizing the front-of-house for a better user experience.  

PrintPro wanted a welcoming, bright, open-feel space with practical private offices for their executive team.  

We achieved this goal by adding glass partitions throughout the office, integrating residential accessories such as art and plants to soften the space. We developed the space planning & millwork details, and we worked with Global Furniture and Kisik consultants to fill the space with furniture.  

Now, PrintPro has a beautiful and functional space to greet its customers, gather as a team, and work collectively to grow their business.  

What we did:

S3 produced a full drawing package & specifications for the project:   

  • Established the client’s wants and needs 
  • Interior Space Planning  
  • Conceptual 3D images 
  • Millwork and detailing
  • Interior finishes, fixtures, and furniture specifications   

“S3 Interior Design was instrumental in creating a plan and process for a bright, functional, energizing workplace reflective of the Applifast brand. [I was] very impressed.”

Doug Applifast