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S3’s Style Through Furniture & Décor

If you read last month’s blog, Top 10 Things You Want to Know About Interior Design & S3 Interior Design, question #9 asked: 

“Does S3 have a specific design style & do you only design according to that style?” 

To which I responded, 

“As Designers, our job is to create spaces that our clients envision. It’s not about us. It’s about you! We work within the design style that you prefer; however, as a company, we definitely have design styles that we may lean towards, like mid-century modern & Scandinavian design, to name a couple. We also love modern spaces layered with texture and personality, and we are not afraid of pattern or colour.” 

One of the most exciting things of being an Interior Designer is working with a myriad of colours, textures, materials & styles. Our goal is to help our clients establish their style in order to keep a cohesive design. Our clients must love their new space, so designing according to what fits for them is extremely important; however, it’s also our job (as interior design professionals) to guide them towards a space that works aesthetically and functionally.  

We’ve worked with various styles ranging from modern, contemporary, and industrial to farmhouse, rustic, and traditional. Most of the time we mix and match styles to create a more blended look such as modern-farmhouse, rustic-contemporary, etc.  

We truly believe in customization. You don’t have to be one-dimensional.  

But, at its core, what design style does S3 love, you may ask? If we were to build a house that screamed “S3 Interior Design”, what would it look like?   

I can sum that up with a few photos… this is what it would look like! 

Photo credits: ANK Studio,

Remember I mentioned that we love modern, Scandinavian-inspired design? These inspiration images represent the future office we are dreaming of building. A resi-mercial (a mashup of residential & commercial) space that will look like a house and act as an office & showroom. 

How would you furnish & accessorize it?  

Another great question… Thank You so much for asking! There is SO much great modern furniture available right now, from Scandinavian to Mid-Century and industrial to classic modernism, the selections are endless.  

Carrie and I just returned from Vancouver, B.C., where we visited some of our favourite showrooms.  We were inspired by the beauty and creativity of so many pieces. Some were incredibly simple, many were beautifully detailed and the fabrics ranged from classic woven, to rich velvets and textured boucles. We are excited to incorporate many of these pieces in upcoming projects and to display some in our studio for our clients to see in (and purchase from) our boutique setting.  

Once we have our display space set up, we will notify you so you can stop in for a visit. For now, we can help you source the perfect furniture or accessories for your home or office from our wonderful existing manufacturers. We’ll have EVEN MORE after we visit High Point, the largest furniture & décor show in North America, at the end of October!   

The perfectly curated pieces for your space are what makes it you-nique; so, when you’re thinking about your next design project, make sure you consider everything from its interior architecture to its décor. Considering every detail is what will make your space truly special. 

Product credits: Moe’s Home Collection, Mercana Furniture & Decor, Van Gogh Furniture, King Living
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