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Yes, We Design Exteriors

If you’ve been following us on social media then you may know that we’ve been a little creatively occupied since the Home and Garden Show in April!  

There, we had the opportunity to meet with many prospective clients who were looking for residential design services. One of the more commonly asked questions of the weekend was:  


The short answer… 


We approach all our projects holistically, so whether you’re looking to update the exterior of your home or build a new one, we take it step by step so you don’t have to stress about having to make all the decisions.  

This also means we look at the entire home, your unique style, and specific needs to design a concept. This concept allows us to get on the same page with our clients. We review the design goals and discuss the best ways to reach them. By leading with a concept this ensures your home has continuity from exterior to interior. We often call the Concept it our “North Star”, which guides all of our choices.  

We often think of our interior and exterior spaces as separate, especially due to our extreme weather fluctuations in Manitoba. But why not make the most of your outdoor space when you’re considering a major renovation or a new build?  

This home, constructed in 2019, has an incredible back walk-out from the main floor living area. Upgrading from busy urban life to relaxed country living, was the impetus for our clients to building their new home. 

If you’re looking for a dramatic change in your home’s aesthetic, but you also want to honour the character of your existing home? The exterior is a great area of focuse. We’ve designed exteriors where the goal was to create a like-new modern look & feel (without the price tag of a new build).  

The Edgy Façade: This Woodhaven home was in need of a modern exterior facelift. Its curb appeal lacked interest and warmth. The exterior of their home needed new life! We agreed that material changes were a good start, but if we altered the architecture of the home by adding windows and a porch, this would turn heads in the neighbourhood! 

The Scandi Ranch: The exterior of this Tuxedo home needed some modern flair! A typical “ranch house” is how we’d describe its original style. Our client challenged us to give her home a Modern-Scandinavian design that would still belong within this established neighbourhood. 

So YES! We Design Exteriors!

Getting input from an interior designer on your exterior may seem counter intuitive, but it ensures you have a cohesive and balanced home from the inside out.  

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